The Hotchkiss Group has had the great pleasure to work with everyone from first-time home buyers to luxury portfolio clientele. We also regularly assist with buyers relocating from all over the country and world. It is always exciting for us to show off everything Dallas has to offer.

Ebby Halliday Realtors is a seasoned brokerage when it comes to all aspects of the home-buying process. Likewise, the Hotchkiss Group has a thorough understanding of the vast DFW metroplex and the market conditions throughout it. We are here and ready to assist you with your future home purchase!

Please see below for a reference guide and timeline for the home-buying process. We hope this will be helpful to you as you begin this most exciting endeavor! 

Before A Contract Is Signed (Please note: not all of these items will be applicable if buyer is paying cash)

• Choose a lender and make a loan application

• Get a pre-qualification letter or pre-approval letter from lender

• Sign brochure: “What you Should Know about Agency in Texas”

• Sign Buyer’s Representation Agreement

• Sign Seller’s Disclosure Statement (signature of Buyer only to acknowledge receipt) and initial each page

• Write earnest money check, payable to Title Company

• Write option check, payable to the Seller

• Executed contract and earnest money check delivered to Title Company

• Option check delivered to Seller

During The Option Period (First day of the option period is the day after the effective date; all calendar days are counted)

• Notify lender and deliver a fully executed copy of contract to lender with copies of the earnest money and option checks

• Schedule inspections - inspections and repair request to be done during the option period.... time is of the essence

• Request Seller to complete repairs (litmus test “is the system not performing the function for what it was intended” or “is there a safety issue”?)

• Apply for home insurance

During Contract Pending Period

 • Select residential service contract vendor

• Check on loan status – appraisal

• Review title policy, commitment, survey, etc., (sent from Title Company) to parties in contract Para. 21: (Notices)

• Review Home Owner Associations Rules, Regulations, if applicable

• Submit in writing before the deadline (as set out in contract) any objections to title, survey, etc.

Last Week Of Contract Pending Period

• Transfer utilities effective through closing or possession date.

• Make final walk-through of property

• Review closing statement (HUD-1) for errors and questions

• Obtain cashier’s check for the net amount due from Buyer (Title Companies cannot accept personal checks for amounts over $1,499.00)

• If a wire transfer from Buyer’s bank to the Title Company’s account is preferred by Buyer, Buyer shall contact Title Company well in advance to make these arrangements

• Caution: if funds are coming from a brokerage firm account, there are variations in procedures as to how many days it takes to obtain funds

Closing (Buyers will need to bring these items to closing):

• Cashier’s check or wiring data confirmation

• Check book (in case of last minute changes in closing costs up to $1,499.00)

• Driver’s license or other photo ID

• Proof of homeowner’s insurance effective as of closing date

• House keys and garage door (and security gate) openers available following 


• Title companies are very accommodating in overnight settlement documents to buyers who are in other cities/countries

• If one of more of the Buyers cannot be present at the closing, the Title Company should be notified immediately in order that a Power of Attorney document can be prepared (which must be approved by the Lender, if not a cash transaction, and the Title Company)